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Nespak Imballaggi

Nespak Imballaggi

Contact details

Via Damano 1 - - 48024 MASSA LOMBARDA (RA) - - ITALY

Tel.: +39 0545 979 511
Fax: +39 0545 979 600
Mail to: reception(at)

Our Activities

Industrial strength in the pure state, perfectly tailored to the fruit and vegetable market. . Affected by seasonal variations and climatic changes, the fruit and vegetable market calls for flexibility and reactivity. The highly diversified range of fruit and vegetable producers requires constant attention and close monitoring: Nespak has been meeting these requirements for more than 50 years. Complying with the customer's requirements, constraints and projects are just some of the elements that Nespak has seamlessly integrated. Thanks to a high-performance and ultra-competitive industrial process, Nespak produces in very large production runs and according to best working practices. Nespak also develops innovative concepts, corresponding to the new expectations of the market. A continually changing international market par excellence.

Our Markets

Supermarkets & Hypermarkets - Platforms
Meat and Food Industries
Producers & distributors of fruits and vegetable
Self-Employed & Shopkeepers
Distributors & Wholesalers
Food Industry - Integrated Thermoformers
Commercial Food Outlets

Our products

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