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In the restaurant & catering sector, the Group offers cutting-edge sealing equipment and high performance distribution trolleys, along with adapted technical packaging products.



Making packaging and distribution of meals easier in large-scale catering operations (hospitals, schools, prisons etc.) is the core business of our subsidiaries Rescaset Concept and Socamel Technologies, working in this field for over 70 years.

With a 45% share of the market for medical facilities in France, Socamel Technologies is a proven leader in the field of pre-prepared meals for distribution via trolleys or shuttle systems. Socamel Technologies is constantly striving to improve conditions for customers and end users, innovating and pushing technology forward with the best interest of patients at heart (distribution via frozen, cold or warm chains, shuttle transfer technology, traceability, handling, disinfection etc.). The Guillin Group’s superb track record in these complementary fields is not just down to the quality of our design, manufacturing and installation operations, but is also a result of our strong user training and product maintenance activities.

A pioneer and promoter of the cold chain packaging process

Rescaset Concept is the Group’s expert in the field of developing and manufacturing packaging machinery and related equipment, from manual to automatic line machinery such as sealing units, distributors and labelling apparatus.

We also have our own, unique and innovative solutions for thermoformed and injected packaging, such as the Cook In Pack® process (allowing users to prolong the life-span of foodstuffs thanks to technology integrated into the packaging) or the new Kaolin® line, which comes in forms very similar to traditional tableware.