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GUILLIN Group's technology

Processing methods

A transformation process enabling the production of a rigid sheet to be thermoformed, thanks to plastic heating (powder or granulate plastic), homogenisation and extrusion.· Sheets· The GUILLIN Group's companies have integrated PET / PP / PS and EPS / EPP extrusion for their production.
· Dynaplast manufactures specific sheet stock for mineral water bottlers.
A process used to form sheets or other thermoplastic profiles that are usually heated in a mould before cooling. (ISO def.)· Food containers
· Trays
· Lids
· Tableware
· The GUILLIN Group's companies have been using this technique for 50 years; extensive expertise.
Moulded parts.· Containers
· Trays
· Packs
· Crates
· This technology is used by our company Rescaset.