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Environment & Certification
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Environment & Certification

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Environment & Certification

A responsible environmental policy

Environmental responsibility is one of the Group’s top priorities, integrated into our design and production cycles via constant awareness and training campaigns which are aimed at all employees.


Environment in practice

• Each year, the Group reduces the weight of its packages. This reduction is valued by almost 0.5 to 2%.

• The Guillin Group is an active member of the plastic packaging trade association which set up Valorplast, a partner of the Eco-Emballages company, in 1993. The Group has committed to the active development of recyclable packaging.

• Aware of fire hazards, most of its sites are equipped with sprinklers, fire-proof walls and containment areas.

• Oil separator tanks filter the residual water of the Group's various parking spaces.

• Production sites are designed to reduce noise levels to the minimum.

• The Group regularly analyses the production plants discharge to air in order to ensure that they are completely harmless to the environment.

" Le Groupe Guillin et l'Environnement "